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Terry's Neighborhood Plumbing and Sewer Service


8/26/2014I have had a problem with my utility drain not draining and most recently a flooding issue. 

I called Terry to make an appointment. He offered me a free estimate post a job he was currently working on. I then asked" Do you have time to provide the service?" He replied "of course, I can be there within the hour". 

Not only was he on time he was early ready to work. 

His prices were so reasonable I had him do extra work to ensure I got everything rodded and cleaned to prevented any further clogs. 

I have now placed him into my calender for regular maintenance. 

Terry thank you for your prompt and thorough services


3/22/2014 Today I dropped a piece of electric razor down the sink drain. Given my incompetence when it comes to plumbing, I immediately thought I'd need a plumber to take apart the pipes to get it out. But when I called Terry's in hopes of scheduling an appointment, they instead recommended I use a shop vac to suction the thing out. Thanks for the tip -- I appreciate the honesty and thoughtfulness, and saving me time and money

5/22/201 My basement began backing up with sewage with even a small amount of rain. The smell was rancid, and after Shopvacing it up twice in ONE week we Yelped for plumbers in the area. We originally had someone from Oak Park come out and tell us it wasn't the pipes, that we had to install a "back water" valve which would run us at least $3000. I called Terry's on Mother's Day night at 9pm, and he answered the phone. He would have come out that night, but I insisted we would live through the weekend. He said he'd come by on Monday. He was prompt and came with help. They rodded out the pipes, and sewer, pulling out a beer bottle, and huge tree roots! They worked tirelessly for 4 hours, and stayed at the quoted price (very reasonable). I would recommend these guys to anyone! And will be keeping his number in my phone for future plumbing needs. THANKS TERRY

9/11/2013 I had dropped my keys down a manhole. Terry and the guys came out and manually drained the water enough for Justin to get my keys. I am so happy I called them!

1/16/2014 Recently my husband stepped out of our downstairs shower at 5:45 am into a pool of water. We do not typically have water in our basement, in fact the River Forest flooding that frequently occurs because of the nearby Des Plaines River has never reached our house in the 14 years we have owned our home. Later that same day of our problem we attempted to clear the water from our basement (even though it was still not at all clear as to its origin) but by evening the water instead of receding, appeared to be rising! We called Terry because we found his website after a Google search and he claimed to be a 24 hour plumber in our area. Right from the start, Terry put us at ease because of his professional approach to diagnosing the possible problem and within an hour (at 11:00 pm) Terry and he associates came to our home to assess the situation. We are very impressed that Terry and his staff are not only extremely professional, competent and punctual but have reasonable prices as well. They stated that they would call us by 10:00 am the next morning and they called exactly at 10:00 and by 10:40 they had installed our brand new sump pump! If you are in search of a great plumber, we highly recommend Terry's Neighborhood plumbing and Sewer Service!


 5.0 star rating 8/20/2014

Terry's Neighborhood Plumbing and Sewer Delightful Experience ! How can I say that about the Plumber ? By far the best plumber. He was affordable, prompt and extremely polite. If you are in Oak Park area, I Highly recommend using him and I will use him again in the future. family Owned and Operated Business Makes the Difference; Thanks for the amazing service !

Victor Scott

01/03/13 Today I went down and found my basement flooded. It was a cold day and I called Terry and he came out right away, within 3o min. He and his partner Marco knew what to do right away. They brought out the big guns and got the water out. Thanks terry for your quick and tactful service! Doug 

The level of service at Terry's Neighborhood Plumbing and Sewer Service is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”Tatum“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Terry's Neighborhood Plumbing and Sewer Service was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

 by G.S. 2/16/13 

My Plumber is Terry's Neighborhood Plumbing and Sewer Service and I would like to thank Terry for being true to his word, flexible, providing a high quality service and a high quality product. The whole experience was smooth and quick and we got exactly what we wanted. Many thanks Terry, Terry's experience has been consistently reliable, professional and affordable. As a landlord to an apartment building, in an old building, I found myself traveling and in a bind when my new tenants reported a broken pipe underneath the bathroom sink, on the first weekend they moved in!I called Terry and Terry came through promptly and fixed the problem immediately and to my surprise, I didn't have to pay through the roof. Most recently, they've installed a hot water heater in the building and all tenants are thrilled. I highly recommend their services.

by jtmc357


I had Terry come to my home and thaw a pipe last winter, and this year when I needed a drain opened he is the only plumber I wanted so; I called and he came out right away I'm well pleased this is a family run business A+++++++

by Shy


I was very happy with this company, I had them do a few things 4 me and I will call them again as needed 

by GG


Terry himself came out and took care of my sewer backup and charged a right price , He told me what it would be, and that was what it was. I would most definitely use them again. I do recommend them to my friends and family 

by Jenn


I turn on my faucets and nothing came out,I had Frozen Water Pipes so I Called Terry and he came over right a way


Thank You ! Gus


i called terrys plumbing they were at my door in 30 minuets or so terry was nice they rotor rooterd my sewer pipes the water in my basement went down he didn't hit me with a large bill i will use there service again for any plumbing or sewer needs.

by Mark


Outstanding service!: I was very pleased with the service I received from Terry's Neighborhood Plumbing. Icalled him Friday evening with a real emergency. Terry came promptly, explained what the problem was, then proceeded to do exactly what was needed. I would recommand them anytime!

Thank you Mr.Terry For all your help