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Terry's Neighborhood Plumbing and Sewer Service

oak park plumbing + plumber

708 298 9133

When your in need of Plumbing Services in Oak Park IL Please Call Terry's Neighborhood Plumbing and Sewer

 Grease buildup in the kitchen, hair clogs in the shower, even toys flushed down the toilet…Trust us when we say there’s no shortage of drain clogs in this city and that none of them happen at a convenient time. 

No matter the issue, We arrive equipped with the latest electric drain cleaning equipment. 

Clearing the Common Backup or Stoppage With an entire truck dedicated to drain cleaning, we arrive equipped with all drain cleaning equipment needed to clean the most common fixtures in an apartment or the largest house drains in residential buildings. Even more important, unlike at many “drain-cleaning companies,” WE are able to accurately troubleshoot a problem in an expert manner . 

Maintain Drain Lines to Prevent Backups, Cleaning is essential in order to keep the drain and sewer line clean and operating and deserve care and maintenance on a regular basis..Clearing emergency stoppages is certainly important. But it’s just as important to avoid an emergency by properly maintaining drain lines within plumbing, drain and waste and ventilation systems. Terry's Neighborhood Plumbing and Sewer Service clears storm water lines, leader traps, roof drains, terrace and main house drain systems, including floor and window-well drains and the maintaining of sump pits and ejector pit’s 

Our Services Include:

Residential & commercial work Floor drains Area drains Kitchen sink drains Drain cleaning Damaged drain repair Tub drains Shower drains Bathroom sink drains Laundry tubs drains Laundry tubs Dishwasher installation and repair Kitchen and bathroom remodeling Faucet & fixture installation.+ Oak Park We Stop Small Repairs From Becoming Big Repairs.Additionally, all those small basic repairs that are overlooked, like running toilets, dripping faucets, slight leaks, should never be ignored. These never get better on their own and more than likely will get worse.

While the building is generally responsible for plumbing that is ‘behind the walls’ co-op and condo owners are usually responsible for the installation of any fixtures or appliances including: sink and lavatory faucets, shower bodies, toilets, bidets, external water and waste piping outside the wall, washing machine water and drain lines, refrigerator ice maker and gas appliance piping, and garbage disposals. can take care of all of these. As well as being the city’s best troubleshooter on building systems, we at Terry's Neighborhood Plumbing and Sewer Service pride ourselves on providing white glove service for private tenants and townhouses. For specialized plumbing repairs and fixture installation, including faucets and shower valves, you can count on our specialized skill, attention to detail and remarkable neatness on the job.